GASGREEN S.A. develops and carries out projects for leachate treatment, through FORCED EVAPORATION technology.

This environmental solution uses the resources provided by landfill in a technical and efficient way. Evaporation is performed by harnessing the thermal energy created by the combustion engines, which generate electricity from the biogas produced in the final disposal basins.


The process to remove the leachates by FORCED EVAPORATION consists of raising the temperature of the existing fluid in the accumulation pools to boiling point and subsequently evaporating it.

In order to achieve this goal there are two stages:

The first stage begins in the “pre-heating”.

The leachate is extracted from the pool by means of pumps and transported through pipes to a pre-heating system by heat exchangers, where it reaches boiling point.

The second stage, called "evaporation".

Consists of the liquid being transported through pipes to the evaporation chambers, which take advantage of the thermal energy from the exhaust gas of the biogas burners or generators.

The whole process results in two products: Water vapour which leaves through the chimneys and solid waste which represents 2% of the total leachates.