It is very difficult for the food industry to be able to remove organic waste, whether of animal or vegetable origin. The environmental regulatory standards are increasingly strict and the increase in removal costs for this waste creates the necessity of and the search for technical solutions.

GASGREEN S.A. has an effective answer for solving this problem and at the same time allowing multiple benefits to be obtained. 


The technological and eco-efficient projects developed by GASGREEN S.A. create solutions which make a company sustainable and committed to the environment. In the biodigestors, organic vegetable or animal waste decomposes in the absence of oxygen. This is a complex process with four stages which generates:

  • Biogas with a high percentage of methane which can be used for the self-supply processes of the industry and to create electricity from renewable sources for own consumption or selling. The result allows a significant saving on the operating costs and makes companies leaders in Corporate Social Responsibility by improving the production chain with a SUSTAINABLE SYSTEM.
  • A digestate which is a valuable organic compost which reduces the carbon footprint considerably, in addition to being used in company crops, turning a problem into additional income due to sales of liquid fertiliser, compost and carbon credits.