The comprehensive management of solid waste is an ongoing problem for towns and cities. If urban waste is not properly treated through different technical processes, it can contaminate the soil, air and subterranean water, causing public health problems.

GASGREEN S.A. has developed projects for designing, constructing and operating landfill, with high technical standards, attaining effective results which create added value and have a positive impact on the environment. 


Technically-managed landfill have large-capacity confinement areas called “cells or basins” for the final disposal of solid waste.

Their structure consists of waterproofed vessels which prevent the outflow of effluents produced by decomposing waste, as well as a leachate and biogas extraction system.

Their operation entails spreading and compacting solid urban waste into previously designed daily plots, which are sealed with layers of clay soil to prevent vectors and the emission of unpleasant odours.

Once the service life of each of the final disposal sections has finished, a TECHNICAL CLOSURE is started to reincorporate the plot into nature.