In the crude oil mining process, “Associated Petroleum Gas” is generated as a by-product, which is a mixture of several highly combustible gases: methane, ethane, propane and butane.

Usually, the gas resulting from oil mining is burnt through flares, wasting its energy potential. “According to the Enerlac-Olade energy Journal, Ecuador burns 5 m3 of associated gas for each barrel of oil extracted.” 1m3 = 11,70 kWh.


GASGREEN S.A. generates an efficient, sustainable and comprehensive approach for using this gas, which involves its recovery and the production of heat and electrical energy. In addition, it allows companies to lead on Social Responsibility by improving the production chain with an EFFICIENT SYSTEM.

This energy can be used for the electrical self-supply of the mining or extraction lines themselves, or the heat treatment of waste water produced in the camps.

These benefits create considerable savings in the operating costs of the company and conserve nature, improving the image before communities and strengthening the compliance process with the framework of goals proposed by the United Nations 2030 (UN).