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GASGREEN is a company in the Environmental and Non-Conventional Renewable Energy sector which is part of a Spanish Business Group, with activity in Environment, Renewable Energies and Timber Forestry.

History:   Since its establishment in 2008, Gasgreen S.A. has developed projects related to the handling and final disposal of solid urban waste, and the treatment or mitigation of the environmental liabilities this waste creates, converting these liabilities into usable resources.

Not only do we generate clean energy,
we also contribute to making a
clean and sustainable planet in many other ways.

About us


To be leaders in solid urban and industrial waste management and treatment, reducing its environmental consequences and evaluating its by-products through innovative technologies which maintain a proactive attitude to serving the community.


Designing, constructing and operating infrastructure geared towards reducing the pollution of the planet, through working together with public and private organisms to achieve environmental goals.